independant TOR escrow

Contact me for all your TOR deals, anonymous, discreet and fast.


I have noticed scamlike behaviour on 99% of the sales-sites on the darkweb... Avoid scams by using the following commens-sense techniques:

  • if a deal looks to good to be true, it probably is
  • research a seller, look for reviews (avoid sellers that only get reviews by guest or new accounts on forums)
  • make sure you contact the seller before purchasing... Ask for a picture of the product with a piece of handwritten paper stating the current date, and the onion address of the sales website
  • make sure you always use an impartial escrow.

Since a lot of times, a seller doesn't want to use an escrow, or (even worse) insists on using "his" scrow-guy (which is probably the seller himself), i started this impartial, private, escrow service... In case you don't trust your seller, you can always ask him/her to use my service instead.

How to get escrowed by me

Getting escrowed by me is actually pretty simple... Just follow these easy steps:

  • make a deal between seller and buyer, don't include me in this process.
  • write down all the details i'm allowed to know about this deal, encrypt this text (this info is basically: what is being sold, which price, delivery method, timeframe,...)... This encrypted text will serve as proof in case of an arbitration event. Only include details that are needed for arbitration... Private info is almost never necessary. Make sure both the buyer and the seller know how to decrypt the message.
  • send me a message over mail, Bitmessage, or a Private Message on bitcointalk... Include following things:
    • the encrypted message containing all the info about this deal (but NOT the passphrase to decrypt the message... IF everything goes well, i'll never need to have access to this information)
    • how to contact the seller, how to contact the buyer.
    • The sellers bitcoinaddress
    • how much money will be escrowed, also include how much money you'll transfer to me (this is the amount that will be escrowed plus my escrow fee)
    • how the buyer will contact me when i can release the funds to the seller: just an email, a PM, a BM, or a signed release text (signed with a specific PGP key, or with a specific bitcoin address, elaborate)
  • when i receive the request, i'll send a message to both the buyer and the seller... I'll quote all the text in the request, and give you a bitcoin address where the buyer can deposit the funds
  • once the funds is on the address i hold, i'll contact both the buyer and the seller.
  • the seller now sends the goods to the buyer
  • once the buyer receives the goods, he contacts me, and i'll release the funds to the seller ASAP.

If something goes wrong, i'm an impartial judge... I do not take sides. Please take notice i'm not going to work out all the details, i'm not going to dig to find out if it's the buyer or the seller that is trying to scam.
I expect the scammed partner to make a clearcut case agains the scamming party, the scammed party can give me instructions on how to decrypt the encrypted deal, so i can read all the details that were agreed in order to make a clear judgement.

In case there is no clear case, the funds stay in my account untill both parties come to an agreement... If no agreement is made, the funds are forfeited after 6 months of inactivity.
Also, in case of a dispute, the escrow fee will never be refunded... In case of a scamming (with proof), i'll refund the escrowed amount minus my fee!


My fee structure (all prices in bitcoin):

  • under 0.1 => 10%, with a minimum of 0.01 + 0.002 (transfer fees)
  • between 0.1 and 1 => 7,5%, with a minimum of 0.01 + 0.002 (transfer fees)
  • between 1 and 5 => 5% + 0.002 (transfer fees)
  • between 5 and 10 => 2.5% + 0.002 (transfer fees)
  • 10+ => 2% + 0.002 (transfer fees)
  • huge amounts => contact me for a private offer...

Contact info

My contact info:
Bitmessage: BM-2cVFg1tfx3woArJDU34LVFd81tXLr3gD1h
Bitcointalk: tor escrow
i check my messages 2-3 times/week!


My rules:

  • no Child pornography, no rape, no human trafficing.
  • everything else is fine, as long as it's legal. To my best knowledge prostitution is legal in many countries, selling firearms is legal... as long as you have a licence, selling drugs is legal (in some countries),... I'll probably never know what you are selling (since this text will be encrypted when i receive it), but if i decrypt a text, and you're selling CP, i'll keep the money, and see if there is a way i can track your sick ass down. If i decypt a text during an arbitration event, and it looks like you're selling a gun, some weed, or an excellent blowjob, i'll just assume you have the necessary licence (i'm not a cop, so there is no way of checking this)...